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RADD Elite

The RADD Elite program is our travel basketball program for highly skilled players looking to play at the highest level against other teams from around the country. We will play in tournaments that come to our facility,  in the surrounding Tampa Bay area and nationally. Teams will be grade level based and most travel tournaments follow this format.

During non-travel season players will have the opportunity to train and improve their skills while playing in a competitive environment. There will be an official tryout for each team. Once travel season begins teams will practice once a week, along with one skills development session.

ALL PLAYERS MUST ATTEND TRYOUTS and be selected to participate.

Program Details

10-month Travel Season

February through June

Training Season

August - December


Late January for all age and grade levels

2 Team Practices per week

2 Strength + Agility Training Sessions per week

$325 per month

Includes uniforms, tournament fees and coaching fees

Uniform & Apparel included

RADD Elite 4th Grade
RADD Elite 7th Grade
RADD Elite 8th Grade