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RADD Elite

RADD Elite is our travel basketball program. Players compete at the highest level and play in a variety of tournaments. Tournaments can be played at our home facility, in local tournaments around the Tampa Bay Area and in national tournaments throughout the country. Our program is divided into two sections, training season and travel season.

Our travel teams are designed as an addition to school sports. We encourage all our athletes to play for their school teams and use our programs to improve their individual skills and team play; along with an overall knowledge of the game of basketball.

Training Season

Training season runs from August through December, with once a week 90 min on-court skills and drills sessions lead by our coaching staff and trainers on Monday evenings, exact times to be determined. We also offer two 45 min performance training sessions per month with our performance director and his staff. Along with the training we recommend players to participate in our competitive league that runs on Wednesday nights, teams practice for 45 minutes followed immediately by a full game.

For the competitive league, all players must attend the evaluation/tryout where we will have our coaches draft teams to play in the league. Also, during the evaluation, we will have our combined testing where each player will take a standardized athletic test, the same test the NFL & NBA use, to measure athletic ability and give our staff a baseline to customize our off-season workouts to target players weaknesses and enhance strengths. From our competitive league, we will choose several SELECTS teams to participate in 2 local tournaments during the fall and winter.

Travel Season

The Travel season runs from February through July with teams playing 7 total tournaments. There will be 6 local, and 1 overnight tournament in either Orlando, Atlanta, or a city where we will need to stay in a hotel. Tournaments will be on weekends. Some tournaments may include a Friday game. The game schedules are usually released on the Wednesday before the start of the tournament.  A full schedule of the tournaments we will participate in will be released during tryouts.

Each team gets two 1-hour and 30-minute practices on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Times will be determined by coaches once teams are selected. Players will also receive one weekly session with the performance staff.

Travel Season Details

6-Month Travel Season

February through July

Training Season

August - December


Wednesday, January 18 & Sunday, January 22.

2 Team Practices per week

2 Strength + Agility Training Sessions per week

$350 per month or $2250 upfront

Includes uniforms, pregame shooting shirt, team backpack, team shirt, tournament and coaching fees.

Uniform & Apparel included

RADD Elite 4th Grade
RADD Elite 7th Grade
RADD Elite 8th Grade
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