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Our RADDSports basketball program will help athletes at all levels become better basketball players. Through evaluations, individual/group training, and position specific training we have an opportunity for every age and every level. We push athletes to learn new skills, grow in their strengths, and find a passion to work hard through our training programs. Our Coaching Team is made up of former high-level players, as well as current coaches throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Committed players looking to improve their overall knowledge and mastery of the game.  Build Strength and establish building blocks for overall basketball skills. Improve on game and positional concepts.

RADD Stars Basketball Program

Fall Season: August 23 to October 27

Winter Season: November 29 – February 16

Spring Season: March 14 – May 28

Our developmental level program is for players that are new to organized basketball. The instruction will be more fundamental and skill building, with emphasis on teaching. This level is considered our entry level, the teams meet twice per week Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The first few weeks will be practice only during both meeting times, after which practices will be on Tuesday and games will be on Thursday nights.

The players will be coached by volunteer coaches, teams will be formed evenly, and practices and games will be structured for team play. No tryout or evaluation needed. Players can play in older or younger divisions depending on skill level/maturity level. Each season runs 10 weeks.

Lil' Stars

Rising Stars

Future Stars League

Summer Season: June 8 - july 13

Fall Season: August 24 – October 26

Winter Season: November 30 – February 15

Spring Season: March 15 – May 27

This is a Summer Competitive League for advanced players to compete in high-level games. Each team will play 6 games from June 8 through July 13 and the team with the best record receives player trophies.

Teams will consist of 7 to 10 players. Each team gets a 30-minute practice followed by a game. Practice/Game nights will be Wednesday nights starting at 5:00pm. The game time is 5:30pm. Game jerseys will be provided.

Player evaluations and team selection will be on June 2 at 6:00pm. All players need to attend. There will be a $10 evaluation fee that will be applied to league dues once a player is selected for a team. Coaches will be present to observe evaluation followed by a player selection draft.

Summer Developmental skills clinic

June 7 - july 12

6-week summer program to develop individual basketball fundamentals in shooting, ball-handling, passing, and agility. Participants will be placed in safe. This Summer Skills Clinic is designed to hone and develop individual basketball skills and to prepare participants for the next basketball season.

Summer elite training

June 7 - July 12

6-week summer elite training program for individual skill development.  Shooting, ball-handling, passing, and conditioning. This clinic is designed for high-level players and will be conducted in a high-paced, high-intensity manner.  Each session lasts for 90 minutes, with both on-court and off-court training.

Other Basketball Programs

Skills Academy

Weekly skills individual/group training, and position-specific training we have an opportunity for every age and every level. One-on-one and small groups training season.

Basketball Clinics

Ongoing clinics to help you stay sharp.

Individual Training

One-on-one intensive training with coaches by appointment.

Group Training

Hone your skills while training with your peers, available by appointment. College and professional trainers are brought in for special clinics.