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Volleyball Setting Camp

Often referred to as the quarterback of the team, a good setter makes a great team. Setters must train the mental, physical and emotional part of the game. During this camp we will discuss offensive strategies, (calling plays on serve receive) set selection, leadership qualities and coping with pressure situations. Techniques will focus on maximizing efficiency and accuracy. Coaches will cover skills such as hand and body positioning, movement and footwork patterns to the ball, jump setting, dumping, and setting 1st and 2nd tempo.
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Volleyball Defense Camp

Defense Is an Attitude! Come ready to work hard and learn how to be your team's defensive leader. This camp will focus on the technical aspects of a libero and a 6-rotation player. Coaches will work on the fundamentals of ball control, forearm and overhead passing, serve receive, and overall defense. Players will be able to take their game to the next level with high repetitions focusing on skills such as proper body positioning, passing outside your body, learning to read your opponent, digging and emergency skills.
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Volleyball Attacking Camp

Being an effective offensive attacker means seeing the other team’s defense!  During this camp you will enhance your ability to see and attack the other side of the court. We will focus on the individual techniques for attacking, proper footwork and the mechanics of a good arm swing. You will be given the skills to increase your attacking toolbox such as hitting line, hard cross, off-speed shots and tooling. Further emphasis will be placed on the transition part of the position and techniques required to be a successful attacker.
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Volleyball Eaglets Camp

RADD Volleyball’s Eaglets volleyball camp is designed to teach volleyball to girls and boys ages 5-9 in a fun and engaging manner. Athletes will be taught the fundamentals of volleyball utilizing lighter balls and a lower net, all while having a great time building a passion for the sport. Our camp curriculum is designed to build eye-hand coordination, teach motor learning and skills development through volleyball specific movements, fun activities, drills and game play. Volleyball being the ultimate team sport, these small athletes will also learn the benefits of teamwork as they learn to play the game.
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Volleyball All Skills Camp

This All Skills camp, for boys and girls ages 10-18, is designed to teach the fundamentals of volleyball along with the opportunity to improve on individual skills. The curriculum will cater to those ranging from elite to beginner levels. The players will be grouped by age and skill level so that they can compete in a safe and competitive environment. RADD Coaches will break down the fundamentals of passing, setting, hitting, serving, defense and volleyball specific movements. Our All skills camp teaches motor learning and skills development through fun activities, drills, and game play. We look forward to having fun with you this summer!
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