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Angela Stice, Neurosomatic Therapist

Angela Stice, Neurosomatic Therapist

Certified Neurosomatic Specialist

Licensed Massage Therapist MA94162

Active Recovery


RADD Sports is excited to announce the addition of Advanced Total Body Wellness, LLC, and Certified Neurosomatic Specialist Angela Stice to the Sports Performance team at RADDSports and the Wiregrass Ranch Sports Campus of Pasco County.

Angela’s training and experience in Neurosomatic Therapy is founded in an individualized approach to her patient’s anatomical and physiological dysfunction. This approach allows her to focus corrective, soft-tissue treatment at the source of each patient’s dysfunction that is causing his or her symptom of pain.

Angela’s experience treating current and former NFL, MLB, NBA athletes and world-class triathletes fueled her passion to differentiate “rest” and “recovery” days to elite athletes. She educates her athletes on the importance of using Neurosomatic Therapy as a form of Active Recovery to match the physical demands athletes put on their body. Angela’s treatment of collegiate, high school and middle school elite athletes is founded in educating these athletes on how to care for and maintain their bodies to reach their maximum athletic potential.

Angela’s training also includes Level 1 & 2 Thai Yoga Massage, which she uses to equip her patients to help maintain the corrective Neurosomatic Therapy treatments she provides.

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