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Sports Performance

Active Recovery

Limited Time Promotion

Advanced Total Body Wellness has moved! We’re celebrating our new location and partnership with RADDSports located at Wiregrass Ranch Sports Campus! For a limited time ATBWellness is offering $25 full-body Postural Assessments ($75 value) so new patients can understand their unique anatomy and physiology which may limit your athletic performance and cause pain. The 84-point postural assessment provides critical information, allowing Neurosomatic Therapists to target their patient’s dysfunction, generate an individualized soft-tissue treatment plan and educate their patient’s on how to strengthen and maintain their treatments. The $25 can be applied to the patient’s first 60-minute Neurosomatic Therapy treatment! Don’t miss this opportunity to understand your body, improve the quality of your soft tissue, feel better, and improve athletic performance!

Active Recovery & Neurosomatic Therapy

Active Recovery delivered through Neurosomatic Therapy soft tissue treatment is an essential component for athletes training and competing most days of the week. Elite and developmental athletes alike push their bodies to attain their maximum athletic potential; however, many fall short or do not focus on returning their muscles to the optimal length after training or competing. Over time, athletes limit their athletic ability and set themselves up for injuries because the muscles used to compete in their sport are shortened, which could cause pain and dysfunction in their bodies.

Active Recovery: What to Expect

What is Neurosomatic Therapy?

Advanced Total Body Wellness’ approach to your body and pain differentiates us from other health and wellness professionals. Most healthcare professionals will treat your body’s dysfunction and pain symptoms with medication and/or surgery without resolving the source of your symptoms. Advanced Total Body Wellness focuses on finding the anatomical or structural dysfunctions in your entire body that can influence posture and function, causing improper movement patterns, pain and other health issues. Finding and treating the soft tissues associated with postural imbalances causing pain is often the answer to our patient’s pain patterns which their traditional healthcare providers couldn’t provide.

Individualized Treatment Goals

Advanced Total Body Wellness’ treatment goal is to restore our patients’ postural balance, eliminate the pain preventing them from enjoying daily life and achieving their athletic goals. Restoring postural balance also will reduce stress on joints, cartilages and discs that over time may require surgery to be repaired. We want to keep your body moving, prevent injuries associated with postural distortions and assist you in achieving your athletic goals without pain caused by postural imbalances.

The Search For Relief & Changing Paths

Angela says she was drawn to Neurosomatic Therapy when she was searching for answers to her son’s chronic back pain and neck pain. She exhausted all traditional medical treatments from doctors, physical therapists, back specialists, orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors to relieve her son’s constant back and neck pain and scoliosis. Years later, she was told nothing else could be done for her son and that he’d have to learn to live with pain. Frustrated with that prognosis, Angela did one more online search for help and was directed to The Center for Neurosomatic Studies (CNS) and The St John-Clark Pain Treatment Center (SJCPTC).

Angela scheduled her son’s first appointment without knowing the life-changing impact Neurosomatic Therapy would have on his life. For the first time, she and her son were given answers from a full-body assessment, hope that her son would get better and relief as her son’s scoliosis improved and his pain went away!

Seeing these remarkable changes in her own son, Angela abandoned her Masters of Art Therapy education to become a Neurosomatic Therapist. The journey to change the lives of people suffering with unresolved pain and dysfunction, just as her son’s life was changed, was challenging, rewarding and definitely the right career path!   

Angela grew up in Iowa and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from Iowa State University. She graduated as an Honors Student and in the top 5 percent of the 1994 graduating class. After graduation, Angela moved to Rome, Italy, to continue studying art and Architecture. Now living in Carrollwood, Angela spends her free time watching her three boys play competitive baseball, serves and attends church regularly and continues to create art!

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