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Sports Performance

Combine Testing

RADDSports is proud to have partnered with SportGait and Zybek Sports, two of the leading companies in the athlete testing industry, to bring you the most comprehensive sports performance combine test. From cognitive function and gait analysis to overall physical performance, this testing will provide you with an athlete resume/profile that will show you where you stand on a national level in your sport. This in-turn will provide you with the statistics and science driven data to be able to improve in the aspects of your sport that you will need to succeed and ultimately achieve your goal of playing at the highest level.

Standard Athlete Testing (S.A.T.)

With the same concept in mind as the Standardized Aptitude Test, Zybek Sports has provided the only standardized and fully automated laser timing system that is used at the NFL and NBA Scouting Combines. This test allows coaching staffs and scouts to compare your times and results with that of the other athlete’s in the same age bracket and skill level nationwide all the way to the pro’s, with the knowledge that athletes’ times were measured in exactly the same way. 

The skills evaluated are:

Concussion Baseline Testing

SportGait is the most comprehensive baseline concussion test and post head injury tool. From evaluation to monitoring, treatment, and management of concussions, SportGait has everything covered to reduce your burden and stress of returning to sport after a concussion. The baseline test only takes about 10 minutes to complete. The assessment covers: Neurocognitive, BioKinetograph Gait Analysis, Balance & Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening. On top of that, there are various sideline assessments plus an injury journal with guided return-to-play progression. It is a concussion care toolkit in an app!

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