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RADD Volleyball’s Developmental Youth Programs are designed to teach volleyball to girls and boys of all ages in a fun and engaging manner. RADD Coaches will break down the fundamentals of passing, setting, hitting, serving, defense, and volleyball-specific movements. Our youth program teaches motor learning and skills development through fun activities, drills, and game play. Volleyball being the ultimate team sport, these athletes will also learn the benefits of teamwork as they learn to play the game. Our dedicated Coaching Staff can’t wait to introduce your child to the exciting game of volleyball and help them develop a lifelong love of a new sport.






The RADD Junior Eagles Volleyball Program is designed to teach the fundamentals of volleyball to Girls and Boys in grades 4-8 who have little to no experience and become a steppingstone for our club volleyball program.  Our coaching staff is devoted to providing positive encouragement and constructive feedback while also promoting the values of good sportsmanship, team, and hard work. Every practice includes drills focusing on the basic skills of volleyball and ends with game-like play situations. Tuesday night is skill instruction and development with some play. Thursday nights are mostly play.

Practices: Tuesday & Thursday | 6:30pm – 8:00pm
$350.00 (Payment Plan Available)
Includes: 1 RADD Volleyball T-Shirt
Suggested Equipment: RADD Volleyball T-Shirt, Athletic Shorts, Knee Pads, and Sneakers
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JANUARY 20 - MAY 5 (Detailed Schedule TBA)


This team is open to Girls and Boys Grades 8-11 and runs roughly between the months of January – May every year. The purpose of this team is to train players who are not playing or just can’t commit to a club team the fundamentals of volleyball as well as improve the overall athletic ability for their next high school or club season. This clinic will be run by RADD Volleyball’s dedicated Coaching Staff who will be focusing on teaching the proper biomechanics of all the volleyball skills and movements. This program also comes with Yo Murphy Performance package of once-a-week training with your team throughout the season.

At Yo Murphy Performance, our goal with every client, especially our youth clients, is to fuel their Intent, inspire their Purpose & have an Impact on their journey. Our goal is to create a long-term commitment that extends past the gym doors. Our programs are created with the intent to push our clients physically and mentally as well.

This team does not play in tournaments, but still practices the exact same amount of time as all our actual club teams. Tuesday night is skill instruction and development with some play. Thursday Nights are mostly play. Our Game nights are designed to get each player more contacts. We usually play 3v3 or 4v4 before starting to play 6v6. Having fewer players on a court allows them to get more contacts!

Practice Days & Times Coming Soon
Yo Murphy Performance Training once per week
$1,400 for full season. $500 due with registration (December/January) and $300 monthly on February 15, March 15, and April 15
Includes: 2 RADD Volleyball T-shirts
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